Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair 

About 5 weeks ago, I decided to strip out the red and pink sunset hair and chose a new darker mermaid colour! I'm super happy with how it turned out, so here's how I went from my old hair to my new turquoise colour xx 
Click here to see my old hair

Steps to stripping out the red: 

1. Bleach Bath using Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Ultimate Lightener + Shampoo (Priceline)
  • Mix approximately half of this bleaching product to any regular white shampoo (one that doesn't preserve colour preferably) in a sturdy plastic mixing bowl - one that you don't use for food would be safest.
  • Apply the mixture to the part that needs stripping using an applicator brush and cover your head in cling wrap or a disposable shower cap. 
  • Leave for approximately 10 - 20 mins, making sure you keep a close eye to ensure it doesn't completely lighten your hair.  
  • WARNING: If your hair lightens easy - mainly at fresh untouched roots - it may lighten your hair and you will need to dye it back to your preferred colour 
  • This was the case for me and I used Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Permanent Hair Dye in Dark Brown (Priceline) to darken the roots and top of my hair to a natural dark brown

2. Creating the Mermaid Colour

I used 4 different hair dyes to create my desired shade of turquoise, I wanted it a sort of half green and half blue shade 

This is totally up to you what colours you use but this is just what I used, and I wash my hair about 3 times a week and it lasted really well and stayed quite vibrant for about 3.5 weeks.
Tip: Hair colour lasts longer on porous hair, rather than healthy fresh hair
  • I mixed in this ratio 4:4:2:2 (according to the order I stated above) 
  • I used a disposable thick large plastic cup 
  • Because my hair already had the desired ombre, I didn't need to re do it but if you'd like to see how I achieved that, click here!
  • I applied the colour mix on my already bleached ends using a regular applicator brush that you can get at most super markets and priceline
  • TIP: the colour (obviously) comes out a lot brighter on lighter or lightened hair
  • Leave the dye in according to the manufacturer's instructions - I left mine for about an hour because my hair is a bit darker 

And that's how I created my mermaid inspired hair! I just curl it as usual to style it and it gives it an even more seamless appearance :) Will do a QTT on my curling routine soon!
Hope this was helpful! (Ps no it is not kylie jenner inspired. ew. )

Love always,

- b xx