Sunday, 2 August 2015

Winter Essentials + Favourites

Winter Essentials + Favourites

Aloha, it's been a very long time (super busy with uni + work) but I've finally done a Winter Favourites + Essentials post on products I've been sticking to and loving this past winter including beauty, skincare and clothing. I've been non stop on the go the past few months so I haven't experimented with a lot :( These products are things I chose that I can 110% trust to do their job when I am in a rush, late getting ready for the day. Hope it's helpful! <3

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Medium 3 Stromboli - $70 (Mecca Maxima)

I may have found my holy grail foundation. It's taken literally years for me to find something I'm 100% happy with in terms of colour, texture, longevity + finish, and I think this could possibly be it!

Finding a foundation to actually match my skin tone has been so incredibly difficult as I'm sure a lot of other asian girls may experience too. Foundations are always too orange or pink when the shades get darker and it just looks nothing like the colour of the rest of my body. This foundation is the first one that is a good yellow tone and actually matches my skin! So if you have a similar skin tone to me, I definitely recommend trying this!

I'm also very fussy when it comes to how the foundation feels, I love super duper lightweight but with a medium to full coverage and nothing that feels like I have foundation on or feels like I have moisturiser on my skin still. I like it very thin and runny, with a semi matte to matte finish, and this foundation is all of the above! It feels amazing and blends so easily, a little bit goes a very long way. It lasts all day long and doesn't go oily or anything even after a 8.5 hour day at work. Although it is more expensive than I'd usually pay, it is honestly so worth it. I love it so much!

Real Techniques Multitask Brush (Comes in a 3 piece set with other brushes) - $45 (Priceline)

This brush, paired with my Nars foundation is a DREAM. Paired with any liquid foundation it is amazing, it blends so effortlessly. The bristles aren't as compact as the Sigma F80 Kabuki which used to be my holy grail, but it blends so much easier and softer and it will honestly completely change your life. It is an amazing brush, so soft and gentle and really does do the whole "airbrush effect" thing.

Another bonus is that it does exactly what it's name says, I use this brush every single day without fail for 3 things: Foundation, bronzer / contour and also as a setting brush all over my face. It is a super affordable product and I 100% recommend picking one up! It comes in a 3 piece brush set which is a little frustrating but I would honestly pay the $45 just for the one brush anyway, so the other brushes are just a bonus!

Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium / Deep - $37 (Myer / Sephora)

This is religiously part of my everyday routine, working with my old Essence Brow Powder it's the perfect brow combo power duo! To keep it simple, it is the only brow product I've found to somehow look like its adding hairs to your existing brow hairs to make them look fuller and darker. It sets my brows amazingly, adding colour and thickness keeping it flawlessly in place all day! Love it and definitely recommend it!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - $51 (Myer / Sephora)

At first I didn't think this bronzer would be dark enough because when I swatched it on my hand it didn't seem very pigmented. I was given it as a gift (luckily) and found that it is actually AMAZING! If you're looking for a matte bronzer that isn't a tacky orangey brown or a way too cool toned dead looking brown, this is your product. It's already been raved about so much but it really deserves it. Perfect for bronzing and contouring, it adds dimension to your face and has a really nice natural look! Definitely a luxury purchase, but I totally think its worth it if you want to spoil yourself :)

Lush Argan's Body Conditioner - (Lush)

Literally in love with this. Smells delicious, very cocoa butter, almondy and nutty. It feels so good on the skin and really does a wonderful job at moisturising! It's the perfect consistency, not too thick or thin and soaks into your skin nicely without leaving an annoying oily residue. It's totally affordable and I've used it liberally everyday! Also comes in a few different sizes so you can try a smaller cheaper one first :)

Real Techniques Setting Brush - $16.99 (Priceline)

I've been using this a whole heap more even though I did buy it quite a while ago. It's the perfect size for blending out concealer to highlight under your eyes and also for setting powder. It's lovely and soft and blends out flawlessly, similar to the multitask brush!

Tigerlily Siua Cardigan - $169.95

This has been a solid staple this winter, super soft and comfy and goes well this so many of my outfits! I've worn it almost everyday, definitely worth the extra $$$ <3

Topshop High Waisted Ripped Jeans in Washed Black - $75 (approx)

Comfiest jeans in the entire world, I can't find the link online to the exact ones but they are in the petite range which is perfect for short people who need length 28''. Have worn these to death and they haven't stretched much at all. You need these.

Senso Boots

I got these at the Senso sample sale and like the other two, I've worn these almost every single day since I bought them. They broke in super quickly and were so comfy straight away. I love the shape and the heel height, they have a comfy sized tear drop heel and are perfect for work and walking all day long. You also need some Senso boots in your life.

And that's all my Winter favourites for 2015! One month left until Spring! Hope you liked it <3

Love always,

- b xx