Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Drugstore Diva Tag

Drugstore Diva 

Even though this is a youtube tag, I decided to blog about it anyway! Here’s a post of all of my favourite drugstore (or drugstore priced) makeup products :)
In this post I review my favourite drugstore:

- Casual Lipstick
- Special Occasion Lipstick 
- Foundation 
- Concealer 
- Powder 
- Primer 
- Brushes
- Bronzer
- Brow Product
- Eyeliner

- Mascara 

- I didn’t include a blush though, I don’t really like any drugstore ones so far sorry! 
- I also didn't include any eyeshadows as I don't actually own any other than high end :(

Hope you like it!

Yes I know Sportsgirl isn’t a drugstore, but this lipstick is so cheap I pretty much consider it a drugstore product! I’ve raved about this before but basically it is super creamy and a subtle natural pink shade that is long lasting! Definitely my favourite go – to lipstick even over high end ones :)

My favourite deep red lipstick that I use on specialish occasions like going out for dinner with friends, clubbing and other dressier things! Usually matte lipsticks just feel sooo dry and flake up your lips and are just a disaster, but this lipstick lasts so incredibly long and is so smooth and nice and barely even feels matte! It’s such a nice deep red colour and smells so yummy!

A little on the higher end of drugstore but I am super fussy with my foundation and this met my standards. Because my skin is medium tanned I always find medium / dark foundations go down the orange or pink road and look so unnatural and cakey on my face, but this is the perfect colour for tanner skin! It smells so so sooo delicious and is a really nice smooth slightly buttery texture.

How nice is the packaging? It looks so sleek and high end! This is nice and creamy and highlights under my eyes really nicely! I don’t really use concealer for blemishes as I don’t really get any (except for right now, I got my first spot in like 8 months maybe?) I use concealer to highlight more than conceal. This blends nicely and is easy to use!

Face of Australia Translucent Loose Powder- $11.95 (Priceline)

Really soft and good powder I use to set my entire face and also under my eyes! Learned to love this through my favourite youtuber Lauren Curtis, and it’s so cheap and blends on smoothly!

Watched heaps of reviews of this on youtube and decided to buy it as people said it was a great dupe for the smashbox primer. I love this! It’s a silicon based gel primer that glides on so nicely and makes your skin sooo smooth and silky and also helps keep your makeup on all day! Really great primer especially for its price, it minimizes pores a little and fine lines and just basically blurs your imperfections, definitely recommend this!

Nude Mineral Powder Brush - $14.95 (Priceline)
Models Prefer MP20 Large Eyeshadow Brush - $12.99 (Priceline)

Love the nude brush for putting my mineral powder on (oh and also the e.l.f. kabuki face brush for setting!) It is so incredibly soft and is the perfect size and density! The large eyeshadow brush is so handy for applying colour to your whole lid as it’s big enough to apply it in just a few dabs and also seems to blend the edges a little bit so it’s not so sharp when you blend it! It’s really soft and applies colour nicely without eating all the product up!

Sportsgirl Bronze Me Bronzing Powder - $14.95 (Sportsgirl)

The thing I hate about drugstore bronzers is that they always tend to be super orange and glittery and I absolutely despise that. (I’m on the hunt for a drugstore matte bronzer similar to Benefit’s Hoola, so comment if you know of a good one!) Anyway, this bronzer is not too orange, it’s a nice summery brown with a hint of shimmer so I don’t mind it. I use this everyday for contouring as I don’t want to use up my too faced chocolate soleil, it does the job but its not 100% perfect, still love it though!

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set - $4.50 (Priceline)

I use this everyday to fill in my brows and I love the colour of the powders, they are ash shades that look nice and natural and are really easy to use! Love this and it is ridiculously cheap too.

I just bought this recently after watching a million youtube reviews on drugstore liners and I LOVE IT! I find drugstore liquid liners are always just so hopeless, the bristles stuff up, it’s too watery, not opaque, smudges and feathers. But this eyeliner is amazing and does not budge at all! It is soooo easy to use, especially coming from me who is rubbish at eyeliner. It is so opaque and the tip is so fine it doesn’t go all panda-y, and it is waterproof, smudge proof and everything proof! SOOOO happy I bought this!

Lucky last, obviously my favourite product ever. Over everything! Can’t live a day without this, basically thickens, lengthens and volumizes your lashes soo so sooo much and just makes them so much better. I can’t describe how much I love this! I’ve repurchased this about 10 times over the past 4 years and I haven’t found anything to even compare from both low and high end. You have my heart colossal <3

Hope you guys liked this! 

Love always, 

- b xx