Saturday, 9 August 2014

My Hair Story

My Hair Story

The story of how i ended up with my current hair using all drugstore products! - If you like my hair, keep reading to see what I used to get this look - all done with a low budget and by me just at home. Will post a proper ombré tutorial soon!

My natural hair colour is (obviously) black, but for approximately the past 3 years I've put a red dye through to give it a red tinge but it has been mostly black.

This year since I finally finished school and all the hair restrictions are gone, I really wanted to put some pink in my hair. Firstly (and sadly), I had to bleach the ends to make them light enough to put the pink on. I ended up doing a sort of ombre / balayage fire look with red and orange and I really liked it!

To do this I used:

1. Schwarzkopf Brilliance Intense Permanent Colour in 43 Red Passion - $14.99 (coles/kmart/priceline)

This colour is great for darker shades of hair, it doesn't come out super red as I wish it did (but if you don't bleach, you can't really expect anything to work as well as described, so I can't complain). It comes out as a quite nice subtle red and goes bright in the sun.

I applied this to mostly the top half of my head, from roots to about half way down using my hands (in gloves) and just squeezing it into my hand and applying it as evenly as possible massaging it into my head.

2. L'Oreal Préférence Wild Ombré 2 Dark Blonde to Brown - $9.99 (chemist warehouse)

I first used this ombre kit to get a start on my lighter ends, it comes with an applicator brush that is actually sooooo useful and essential in getting a good blended ombre. I will post a full tutorial on how to get perfect ombre hair without spending heaps at the salon soon!
I applied this onto the tips of my hair and blended it upwards to create an ombre effect.

I kept this style for a couple of months because I ended up really liking it and needed to give my hair a break from bleaching before I put in the pink.
I tried a couple of different products (dare and manic panic) to get my pink tips but all of them wouldn't come out as vibrant as I wanted. I needed to bleach my hair more to get it light enough to put the pink in.

3. Schwarzkopf Nordic L1++ Blonde Extreme Lightener - $10 (kmart/priceline/coles)

I picked this up from kmart for $10 and it is also available at coles / woolies / priceline / chemist warehouse. I used the same applicator brush that came in the L'Oreal kit and applied this to the tips of my hair, again blending it from the bottom upwards. I actually needed to do this twice to get it light enough, but it worked really well and it is so cheap and readily available!

4. Schwarzkopf Live Colour Ultra Bright in Shocking Pink - $5.49 (priceline/coles/kmart)

SO CHEAP. AND SO GOOD. Not much to say but the fact that this was the cheapest of all the pink dyes I bought and it's the one that worked the best! So cheap and it worked so well and has lasted quite well for the past 3 weeks.

And this is the end result!!

I FINALLY got the hair I wanted and I am so happy that I did it all by myself and spent so much less than what I would have if I were to get it done at the salon. I think I did a pretty decent job, and especially compared to some results from hair dressers who don't really blend out the ombre and it looks so choppy. Again, I will post a DIY ombre at home tutorial soon! If you'd also like a curling tutorial, comment!

Hope you liked this post!

Love always,

- b xx