Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Quick Tip Tuesday: DIY Ombré Hair

Introducing QTT (Quick Tip Tuesday), where I'll be giving tips on anything and everything :) This weeks is the ever so popular ombré / belayage hair! Going to the salon for this can cost hundreds, so here is a DIY ombré tip / tutorial for under $50!

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Disclaimer: I'm not a hair care professional, this is just all on my own and my own experience.

DIY - What You Will Need:

- Bleaching / Ombre Kit (I used Schwarzkopf Nordic L++ Ultimate Lightener and L'Oreal Preference)
- Blending brush / fine tooth comb
- Aluminium foil
- Sturdy gloves
- Garbage bag - cut a hole at the top for your head, and one on each side for your arms
- Toning Conditioner (I use Schwarzkopf Blond Toner for $7.99)

Tip 1. Section + Brush.

Divide your hair into minimum 6 sections (more for thicker hair) using hair elastics to separate them. This will ensure that the ombre pattern is evenly spread and not a straight line, and also that the bleach is evenly distributed. Also ensure your hair is brushed before hand and has no knots so it is easier to comb through.

Tip 2. Apply Small Amounts.

Carefully apply a dollop or 2 onto the brush / strand of hair and start at the bottom of the hair, and brush upwards to the desired height. Keep more at the bottom of the hair and thin out the bleach as you work up.

Tip 3. BLEND. 

The most important tip that I can give is to blend! The ombre kit by L'Oreal comes with a special blending brush but a fine toothed comb will also do fine! BLEND BLEND BLEND. Especially the part where the bleach starts to thin, just keep brushing up and down the hair (don't go too high, no more than half way). Brush up and down a good 15 times I'd say to make sure that it actually blends out and doesn't go all choppy! There's nothing worse than bleached tips that are just two block colours and it just looks horrendous.

Tip 4. Foil It. 

After you have coated each chunk of hair in bleach, take a piece of foil big enough to wrap around all the bleached section and wrap it around to make sure the bleach doesn't go everywhere and also to help it develop.

Tip 5. Test Strand.

Prior to doing all of your hair, take a small thin hidden strand as a test strand to monitor and time, so that you can follow it to the desired colour.

Tip 6. Heat.

Be reaaally super careful when you use heat, as bleach is already so damaging, so keep heat to a minimum!

Tip 7. Watch the Time. 

Keep an eye on the time! Don't let it stay on for longer than 45 mins as it will absolutely kill your hair.

Tip 8. Toning. 

To get rid of brassy / yellow tones I use Schwarzkopf Blonde Toning Conditioner which is really cheap but alternatively, you can make your own toner! It's pretty easy to make and won't cost you much either. All you need is:
- Purple hair dye (Schwarzkopf LIVE Brights is only around $5.49)
- Any regular White Conditioner
Put enough conditioner to cover the bleached part into a sturdy disposable bowl and mix in a little bit of purple to make a light lilac shade.
Coat the bleached parts with the mixture and leave for approx. 2-10 mins depending on the lightness / darkness of your hair (lighter = less)
Wash off the conditioner and the brassy tones should be cancelled out!
You can continue to use this mixture when you shower to keep the brassiness down :)

Hope this post helps! Ombre hair at home is super easy to do at home and isn't worth the hundreds at the hair dressers, so hopefully these tips can help you save money and get the awesome look all on your own!

Love always,

- b xx