Friday, 25 July 2014

Clothing Haul!

Clothing Haul!

Hey yall! How've your holidays been? :) 
Over the past couple of months, I've bought quite a bit of things that I don't have money for and here is a lovely first fashion related post sharing my favourite clothing lately! 

Fluffy Tops + Jumpers

Fluffy knits and tops seem to be really popular right now, at first when I saw them I thought they looked tacky to be honest. But they were just really soft so I bought the blue sweater from SES for $15 and it was actually just so comfy and simple, so I went back for the black one and also bought the pink high neck shirt. I bought the white and lemon yellow fluffy tops from Paper Scissors for about $13 each half price!
You can pair these white a plain or patterned pair of jeans, coat and boots for a pretty little winter combo :)

Patterned High Waisted Shorts

I have a lot of bottoms. Heaps and heaps of skirts, shorts + pants (which I'll save for its own post). These are my two latest pair of shorts - left: Lee + right: sass + bide.
High waisted shorts are my favourite because of the line they give, they make your legs look a bit longer and are good for girls like me who don't really have much hips. It's also great for eating, all your bloatingness baby belly bits are hidden rather than being cut into with hipster cut shorts.
Love wearing these with a cropped top or just a shirt tucked in.

Gingham + Tartan Pattern

Red: Reverse - B+W: Miss Shop - Navy + White: Miss Cherry - Pink Set: GFD
This is one of my favourite patterns of all time, it's just super cute + fun to wear. These dresses were all pretty cheap and you can find similar styles out and about around the city. I especially love the navy one and can't wait to wear it in summer with white boots and my navy floppy wool hat. Also love the pink top and matching pleated tennis skirt, reminds me of one of my favourite 90's movies clueless. All hail Cher :)

Patterned Pants

I used to never ever wear pants, I hated how they shaped my legs and they were always so uncomfortable, but recently I grew to love them and bought all of these in the span of probably 2 weeks. The 3 pairs towards the left: sass + bide (which I bought from the Barnados Charity pop up store) - blue: wrangler - houndstooth: UNI QLO.
These are all super comfy as I bought them a little bit looser than normal so I could be comfy at uni. The wrangler pair I wear soo often (and I know they arent patterned but I included them anyway) - they are the perfect high waist cut - I love super high waisted - and the perfect colour. I also love rolling my pants, they are always too long anyway!

Chunky Boots

Dr. Martens are hands down my most loved shoe. By far. I own 3 pairs and I love them sooo much! I didn't buy the bottom two recently but I included them anyway. The first pair I bought were the black floral ones back in 2010 and 4 years later I am still just as in love with them, honestly the best purchase of my life (even though it cost me $230) but they are so worth it. The quality is amazing, I have worn these well over 100 times I'm sure and they are in such good condition still. I wore them all around america and every time I wear them, someone notices them and confesses their love for them too. I bought my white floral pair in america for $100, I nearly cried. They are sooo so pretty and elegant (oh and ariana grande has the same pair :) the black double sole pair are my most recent pair and hayley williams (my idol, paramore is my favourite band ever) has the same pair :') They are a lot heaver than my other pairs but I'm still working on working them in! The last pair aren't docs but theyre just a cheapo pair of cute boots I scored off ebay for $20 and theyre pretty cute.
These boots work so well with literally everything, jeans, skirt, shorts + dresses! Love them with all my heart.

That's all for this post, hope you liked it!
Hopefully doing more fashion related posts in the future :)

Love always,

- b xx