Tuesday, 25 February 2014

February Favourites

February Favourites

Here are some products that are both new and old that I have been loving this month! 

From left to right: 

The most beautifully scented shea cream that I own, definitely one of my all-time favourites! It is so nice and buttery and really hydrates your skin so well. I use it on my arms and legs and it feels so nice. It's nice and thick, not too heavy though and has 25% shea butter which is amazing! I love moisturisers so much and I have so many, and I can easily say this is my favourite body cream. Unfortunately it was limited edition and they don't sell it anymore but if you search on the web I'm sure you can find someone selling it, lucky I stocked up and bought 3 of this. I absolutely love it!

Just bought this as recommended by my favourite beauty youtuber Lauren Curtis, she has been raving about this for ages so I thought I'd buy it since it isn't very expensive. I actually quite like it, it gives clean lashes that are really lengthening and gives a bit of volume but without clumps which is heaps good. I'm really happy with it but it still doesn't top Maybelline's Cosmopolitan for me, still love it though! 

I got this on boxing day on sale for such a good price, but its now around $85, still so worth it though as it came in a gift set with other goodies :) It is such a lovely perfume, its sweet and coconut - vanilla kind of scented, it is one of my favourite perfumes. Juicy Couture is the only perfume I actually like and all of their products are amazing they smell so delicious and I find are so unique compared to other brands. I also have the original Juicy Couture, Viva La Juicy and Couture Couture which I really all equally love. 

I got this in a mini sample facial care pack from myer so it was much cheaper than the big version. Ive been loving the little sample size so I will save up for the big one, I love how hydrating it feels on your face and is nice and smooth and buttery. I'm always reluctant to put moisturiser on my face as it tends to give me a few spots from the oils in it, but I have lathered this on and it has kept my skin quite clear and really soft! Love this product :)

Real Techniques Setting Brush - $14.99 priceline 

Been wanting to try out Real Techniques for a while and I finally got around to getting this cute little brush! It's so soft and holds onto product so well, I use it around my eye area to apply setting powder and I also use it to highlight my cheek bones, chin, bridge of my nose and high points of my forehead. It is super soft and applies things really nicely, so glad I bought it :) 

The best makeup remover I've come across, I've been using it for years and it slides your makeup off so easily, even waterproof products! It is so gentle and doesn't sting your eyes or leave your skin dry, or irritate the skin/eyes. I've stuck to it for so long, I've tried others like nivea along the way but none of them work as nice as this, definitely recommend it! And its pretty cheap considering it lasts almost a year!

Lastly I bought a new little set of storage containers for my makeup from Daiso, I fell in love with the pretty pattern and they were so cheap too! Just $2.80 for each piece and they had heaps of colours and sizes :) They match the rest of my storage and I just love the look of them, they're plastic as well and you can arrange them to fit into one another I love it!

Hope you all had a wonderful month and a lovely valentines <3 

- b xx