Thursday, 20 March 2014

Priceline Makeup Haul!


So as a lot of you would know, priceline had a massive 40% off all cosmetics last week for only 2 days and i managed to scrape the last of my savings to get a few things! (Also some other stuff I bought this week, but mainly from priceline) 

Heres a quick post of everything I got :)

Rimmel Matte Finish Lipstick in 107 by Kate Moss - $7.77 (40% off) priceline

This is my favourite product that I bought at priceline, it is the most beautiful deep raspberry burgundy red and despite it being a matte lipstick is actually really moist and smooth! I have a MAC matte lipstick that is a really nice red but feels quite dry on my lips, but this Rimmel one is so nice and creamy! I wore it out clubbing on friday and all through dinner and the rest of the night, it stayed on so well and I only topped it up probably twice maybe three times. So happy with this, I love love love the colour and the texture! And even without the discount its about $12 which is really decent! 

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in Pretty Please - $9.95

This isn't from priceline but I did buy it last week as well and I absolutely love it, so I included it in this post too :) Its a really pretty darker pinky nude colour that suits my lips so much! I'm not pale so my lips aren't really a baby pink, they are naturally darker and so I tend to go for darker coloured lipsticks. This one comes out as a gorgeous natural pink that is subtle but still strong, I wore it out to dinner and my friends really liked it and it stayed on the whole meal with only maybe two touch ups! It's a great lipstick for its price and I'm quite happy with it!

Heres a swab of my two favourite lippy products :)

I got some makeup setter spray, I thought I'd just try this one because it was quite cheap so hopefully it works well. And I picked up some brush cleaner for spot cleaning my brushes :)

Models Prefer Brush Cleaner - $7.79 (40% off)

I was in need of some new foundation / facey products and I tried the testers of the L'OREAL Nude Magique range and they had such nice consistency and texture so I thought I'd try them out since they were 40% off! 

I got 3 products from the range: 

Models Prefer MP20 Large Eyeshadow Brush - $7.79 (40% off)

I normally buy sigma brushes but this one was really cheap and really soft so I bought it anyway just to give it a go! Not sure how long it will last but for now it does quite a good job! I guess its a bit similar to the sigma large fluff, its got a big soft shader head and is great for applying a base shadow that covers a lot of the lid and works great with the sigma blending brush. I used it for when I went out clubbing last friday and it applied my shadow really well!

Overall I am really happy with everything I bought, I'm excited to use them all more! I guess i did save quite a bit of money but then again if I didn't buy anything I would have saved a lot more, but I couldn't resist the 40% off. Doesn't happen everyday, oh well new makeup is always worth it!

Hope you all got to buy stuff too!

Love always,

- b xx