Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What's In My Makeup Box?

My Makeup Box

One of the main reasons I've taken an interest in makeup is because I am a dancer, so I am required to wear a full face of makeup when it comes to competition time! Heres a quick post of my makeup box that I took up to Queensland Showcase National Dance Competition :)

Top Layer 

I use this over the top of all of my makeup, it helps set it and blends in well with my skin colour even though I'm a little tanned, I apply this using my nude by nature powder brush. 

This is probably my favourite mineral foundation that I have ever come across, it suits my skin colour so well whether during winter when I am paler or during summer when I am my tannest. It has such a soft finish, it has really great coverage and stays matte and isn't like shimmery / glittery. It has lasted me for years and I still have so much left, absolutely love this! It's great for full coverage but also for light application on a daily basis. For stage makeup, or going-out makeup I usually use liquid foundation first, then put this on top to get a nice matte finish :) 

I love any excuse to use fake eyelashes, they open your eyes so much and soften out dark eye shadows and I feel so much more confident with them on. These are my absolute favourite, they are not too expensive and are available at any priceline. They are really thick and long, they have a really soft end which I like, they look both gentle and bold :) I use these for dancing all the time, and also used them for formal and weddings! It comes with eyelash glue with a good applicator, which is super handy! 

Bottom Layer

I got this as a present from my mum for my 18th birthday, and I love it! The colours are amazing and blend so well to make a dark smokey eye which is the look I always go for as it suits me best. Its creamy in texture and sticks to your eye really well if you combine it with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer :) I'll do a proper review on my eyeshadow palettes soon! 

Sportsgirl BRONZE ME Bronzing Powder - $14.95 - Sportsgirl 
A lot of girls at school were raving about this so I bought it to test it out, it was pretty cheap so I thought why not :) I actually really like it! I use this on top of benefits sunbeam as an extra contouring tool under my cheekbones, I also use this as part of my more natural everyday makeup look as its not too strong and doesn't make me look like a Kardashian, which is great!

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium Deep - $9.95 - Chemist Warehouse 
I'm not really a fan of liquid foundation so I actually use this BB cream as my foundation as its dark enough and has good coverage (my skin is pretty clear anyway, I don't need too much coverage). It feels much lighter than foundation which is good, so you can feel your skin breathe :) 

I've already reviewed this but thought I'd still mention it as I love it so much! It feels amazing on your skin and protects it really well from all the layers of makeup :) 

Again, I have raved about how much I love this already but here it is anyway!

I keep what I call my 'minis' in a fishing box to just keep things a little more organised :) You can get similar ones at dollar stores / bunnings / hardware stores for really cheap! 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in Medium - $15.99 - Chemist Warehouse
I use this as a highlighter more than a concealer as my skin is pretty clear and I don't really use concealer. I use it to contour my face, so I put it on the higher points of my face (on cheekbones, just above my eyebrows down to the bridge of my nose, the tip of my nose, my cupids bow, chin and a bit on my forehead). It comes in a wind-up little tube thing with an applicator sponge on the end which is quite handy! I blend it in with my Sigma Tapered Kabuki brush. 

Sportsgirl POUT ABOUT IT Lipstick in Love Bite - $9.95 - Sportsgirl
I had $10 to spare one day and wanted a new lipstick, but never thought I could find something good with pretty much no money. I found this in Sportsgirl and tested it on my hand, took it home, tried it on and was amazed! I am in love with its pretty raspberry deep red colour, its so creamy and goes on so well and makes your smile shine :) SO WORTH IT, highly recommend this! So cheap! 

I only have a little mini size of this (came in the benefit how to look good at everything) but its amazing how much of such a little product can go! It's only new so I haven't used it a whole lot, but I really like it so far! It feels so silky smooth :)

Red lipstick is definitely my favourite lip colour, it suits my tanner skin and darker lips. This is amazing, it is so bright and creamy and smooth and stays on really well! It even stays on while I eat and I hardly ever have to top up! It's a little pricey yes but MAC is always worth the extra $$$ 

A really popular benefit highlighter, with a nail polish sort of application, its the perfect amount of shine to really brighten and contour your face. I use it overly foundation (after I have already highlighted with the concealer) This came in a gift pack, and looks really cute on! 

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Laquer in Reckless - 3 Euros - MUA 
Already reviewed this! :)

I have a little mini size of this, it came in a gift pack, but a little bit of product goes so far with this :) I use it under my cheekbones, the sides of my forehead and a little bit on the sides of my nose to contour as more of a bronzer rather than a highlighter. Its so beautiful and golden, another wonderful benefit product! 

Another one that I have reviewed previously :) 

Covergirl LineExact Liquid Eyeliner in Very Black - $13.95 - Priceline 
I only use this sometimes to do winged eyeliner, but not too often as I'm not that good. But this works quite well and neatly, it goes on easily kind of like a pen and is good to create a thicker base on the eyelid and thinning out at the outer corner flick :) 

1000 Hour eyelash glue - $8.99 (with the eyelashes) - Priceline 
This glue works really well and keeps the lashes on for hours, even while I dance for a whole day of more than 12 hours! SO great :) It comes with the eyelashes, and is easy to apply with the little stick applicator 

These are the brushes I use :)

Sigma Tapered Blending Brush 
Sigma Blending Brush
Bobbi Brown Shadow Brush 
Artiste Tapered Brush 
Bobbie Brown Shader Brush 
Sigma Tapered Blending Brush 
Sigma Shader Brush 
Revlon Blush Brush 
Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush 
Sigma Tapered Kabuki Brush
Sigma Round Kabuki Brush
Nude Powder Brush

These are the products I use for a full face of proper makeup, and it stays on all day long even with exercise :) Hope you enjoyed reading! 

love always, 

- b xx