Sunday, 29 March 2015

Cinderella MAC Mini Haul

MAC Cinderella Mini Haul + Haul 

My favourite thing in the world is Disney, Cinderella being one of my favourite princesses. Makeup is a close runner up to my loves in life, so when I found out this line was going to be released I was super stoked! The packaging for me, is absolutely to die for and probably takes up 80% of why I paid for this. I know this came out a couple of weeks ago but I really wanted to test the products out well first before I reviewed them. I know it was super limited in Australia, so if you didn't manage to grab a piece, here's an insight into what I got (ps, totally worth lining up 1.5 hours before opening and being the first customer there) xxx

Cinderella 6 Colour Eye Palette - $84 (MAC)

The one thing I knew I reallyyyy wanted was this palette, it looked so wearable with all the neutral shades and would be perfect for everyday wear! If I described this collection in one word, it would be elegant. Everything is just so elegantly beautiful and poised I am in love. The palette comes in a compact little palette, with a magnetic close (love that) and has the Cinderella logo on the front.

The palette comes with 6 beautiful and super wearable shades:

  • Vapour 
    • A pretty pink velvet shade with violet pearl, great as a base! It has an elegant and subtle shimmer and is a soft muted pink.
  • Phloof 
    • A gorgeous off white frost shade, a bit more sparkly than vapour. Comes off as a bit of a champagne pink colour and is great for highlighting your brow bone + inner corner.
  • Omega 
    • One of the two matte shades, a soft muted and cool taupey brown. Reminds me of the colour of a latte, perfect for blending and shadowing!
  • Quarry
    • The other matte shade, a bit of a warmer shade of plum brown. Another great blending shade and over all shading colour, it looks super delicious.
  • Satin Taupe 
    • A frosty shade of taupe with silver shimmer, this is beautiful for adding dimension at the centre of the lid to give your eye more shape. It looks quite coppery and has a lovely shimmer to it.
  • Stroke of Midnight (LE) 
    • All the other shades are regular mac shades, but this awesome dark plum velvet shade is a limited edition Cinderella colour. Absolutely perfect for widening your eyes and again adding dimension but to the outer third and dragging across the bottom lash line. 

At first I wasn't going to buy this, but I did have a you only live once moment and picked it up with the adrenaline flowing through me. It's the regular studio fix lash mascara that MAC usually stocks, but with pretty Cinderella packaging. *insert angel emoji*. I really actually like this mascara, it's quite similar to Benefit's they're real. It isn't too liquidy, it separates your lashes quite well and does lengthen them pretty significantly. The brush is one of those rubber ones, and has short precise bristles. 

I'd say this is good for a more natural lash look, and doesn't add as much volume to my (tiny whimpy) lashes compared to HG Colossal. I do love love this, but it isn't waterproof and my eyes always cry from a mix of emotions / sneezing / yawning / aircon blasting on them so it does smudge a little bit. But I'd probably rate this around a 7/10 :) 

A very ridiculous thing of me to purchase as this is so so pale and I know I don't suit pale colours, but both the shades wouldn't suit me anyway and I thought I could make this work. Still haven't figured it out yet but I'm sure I will one day. (I just wanted this for packaging / collection / obsession etc)
Packaging is so beautiful though so just for that I have 0 regrets.
But colourwise, it's a shimmery golden nude that is quite sheer and would probably work best on top of another colour. It's very smooth and creamy and feels deliciously moist on your lips, so hopefully I can find something to pair this with because it wasn't cheap.

Overall, I am 110% happy with all my products because they're all so pretty and Disney and Cinderella and MAC and what is better than that? Nothing except if they did a bambi or little mermaid range. Totally worth getting to the Macquarie Centre an hour and a half before opening and being first there, since all the things I wanted sold out so fast (I mean like 5 minutes, that fast).
Hope this helped! Sorry I haven't been posting too much, been super busy with uni and work <3
But let me know if you got some stuff, or if you have questions or want to chat or anything really! Just msg me on fb, or follow me on insta xx

Love always, 

- b xx