Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Staying Organised - feat. kikki.K

Staying Organised - with kikki.K! 

New stationery excites me equally as much as new makeup. I love love love stationery more than anything and ever since I was a little girl I've collected so much of it. I enjoy keeping myself busy, I go to uni, dance, sing, play piano, teach piano etc. and so my time management is really important to me so I get everything done. It's a huge fat excuse to buy overpriced pretty stationery :) I got a few things for the new year of 2015, so I shall show you all that and also give some tips on managing your time!

Firstly, these are the things I picked up on a recent day trip to Bowral for the Tulip Time festival:

Live Bright Monthly Wall Calendar - $19.95

This is super cute and an essential for me every single year! It has a new quote for each month and is so simple and elegant. I honestly just use this for decoration and birthdays and keep work off of this (I have a separate organiser for work which I'll mention soon)

Live Bright Daily To Do List - $9.95

I can't seem to find this on their website, but it's part of the Live Bright range (which I am in love with) so I just linked a different one that is similar :) I use this every single day religiously! I am really forgetful so I make sure everything I need to do is written down from homework, to checking on websites, uploading new things and cleaning etc.

Live Bright 2015 Weekly A5 Diary - $29.95

A uni essential, I use this to write assignments in and everything else from events and places I need to be. I also just love it because it's pretty and it makes me happy. This one has a hard cover and is so simple and neat and just so pretty, I cried when I first saw it.

Live Bright Everyday Gel Pen + Sweet 2015 Everyday Gel Pen - $3.95 each

I got a free pack of these sorts of pens at the beginning of the year for being a member and I have LOVED them so much. They are harder to write fast with but they make me write so neat! They aren't blotchy and do write easily but I feel like I shouldn't waste the pretty pen on messy writing, so I think that forces me to write neatly. Love these!

Follow Your Path Slim Ball Point Pens - $9.95

Got some of these too just for practicality (exams) as they're just normal pens but pretty and everyone knows how I feel about pretty things.

Adventure Awaits Kids Travel Journal - $24.95

I know this is meant to be for kids, but it was so colourful and sturdy and perfect for my next (hopefully European) adventure! I needed this. I love journaling my travels so I can relive them all over again when I read over it.

So that's everything I got this round, a whopping total of $102.65 and I know to most people that's a lot of money for a few bits of paper and pens, but I love stationery so much and I am convinced without it I will fail at accomplishing anything in my life. And these are all very good quality Swedish products that are so beautiful and worth the money!

Tips + Tricks for Staying Organised: 

  • Write things down - you may think you won't forget, but there's always a chance you will
  • Take time to sit and plan - collect all the things you need to do, take about 30 mins each week to slot them into a timetable
  • This may not be necessary but all of my things to complete and places to be are kept on a:
    • Daily To Do List 
    • Weekly Diary 
    • Monthly Desk Calendar 
    • Monthly Wall Calendar 
    • Calendar on my phone 
    • Calendar on my laptop
  • Stop making excuses - there is time for everything if you want it enough
  • Set alarms + reminders for everything so you don't forget
  • Prioritise - studies always first :)

Stationery is another passion of mine and to be honest I'm sure I'll find myself spending another load at kikki.K next time I walk in. Check kikki.K out and let me know what you bought!

Love always, 

- b xx