Sunday, 1 June 2014

New + Wonderful

All New Things

Good morning! :)

It is such a pretty day outside so I thought I'd make a blog post on all the new things I have bought in the past month or so that I have been loving! I tried out a lot of new brands and this is what I got, here are all of my thoughts on these new products!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo + San Paulo - $9.07 (Target)

I got these on sale 30% off at target and grabbed 2 colours. The first colour on the left is a medium deep candy red called Monte Carlo, it is super pigmented and is as they claim 'soft matte'. It glides on quite opaquely and feels so buttery and smooth. It smells really nice and has great colour pay off with a beautiful matte finish without drying your lips out. It does feel a little bit dry, but that's expected of matte products - though it only feels a little dry but still has a creamy feel to it. It has a doe foot applicator making is easy to precisely apply. The second colour I bought is San Paulo, a medium salmon pinky nude colour that is perfect for dressing up your makeup a little bit more. It is not too bright but also not too nude and again has the same features of the red one. As for the wear of these, I wouldn't say they are too long lasting but they do a decent job especially for the price. I love these both and I would definitely repurchase these for more colours!

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in shades 04 + 09 - $4.10 (Priceline)

I see Essence in Priceline and in Target all the time but I have always thought it looked cheap and wouldn't be good quality so I never bought anything. Then one day I had some spare time and thought I'd just give their products a try since they were soooo cheap. I got these two long lasting lipsticks and for $4.10 I am actually surprisingly happy with them! The first colour on the right is shade 09 'Wear Berries' a humble light pinky berry purple shade. I wanted a more purple toned lipstick just to try and see if it would suit me, this was great since it was very cheap and actually works well enough. You need a few layers to get the colour going but its quite soft and thin and easily buildable which is good so you have the option to have a light or bold colour. The next shade is 04 'On The Catwalk' which is a musky dark pink perfect for special occasions. I've tested the wear of these and I wore them to university for a few days - all day long (7am - 4pm) so about 9 hours - and I only had to top up maybe 3 times which is quite good considering I ate in that time period too! For this ridiculously low price, I'm pretty happy with this purchase.
Here are some swatches:

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 - $79.40
Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 - $79.40
Lorac Pro Palette - USD$42

The beauty world already knows these palettes really well, they are so popular and I have been eyeing them for soooo long! But living in Australia, these palettes are just so expensive I couldn't find the strength / funds (unemployed life) to go out and buy them. Just as I was about to invest in just one of them, my wonderful mummy came home one day with all 3 and I swear I nearly fainted!!
Anyway we all have read / watched thousands of reviews on these so I'll just give you the basics:

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

- Amazing range of nude colours - more brown toned
- Super super pigmented, especially blackout which is crazy matte black
- Both matte and shimmer shades included
- Nice creamy texture
- Wide colour range that all perfectly blend
- Favourite shade: Busted / Chopper

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

- More pinky toned colours
- Again, perfect pigmentation
- Matte + shimmer shades
- Works really well with Naked 2 - can easily blend the shades to match nicely
- Sleek beautiful packaging
- Both palettes would work nicely with the Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
- Favourite Shade: Liar

Lorac Pro Palette

I am yet to try this palette out more, I've done some swatches and used some of the colours and so far it is definitely comparable to the Naked palettes, will update on this when I use it more xx

Here are some other products I got with a quick 3 short points on them!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light 10 - $7.47 (50% off Chemist Warehouse)

- Creamy
- Good for under eye brightening
- Sleek sophisticated packaging

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara - $4.95 (Priceline)

- Super thick brush (which I love in my mascaras)
- Gives a lot of volume
- Be careful and gentle when you apply, can go spidery and clumpy if you put too much

Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara - $4.50 (Priceline)

- Pretty much the same as the I Love Extreme
- Waterproof - mmm not so much, but I don't really mind since it was so cheap
- Thick wand and applies a little less clumpy than the I Love Extreme

Essence Lash And Brow Gel Mascara - $3.50 - (Priceline)

- Really strong gel, especially compared to my MODELSPREFER brow fixer
- Keeps browns in place well
- Easy to use and apply since it is clear

Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set - $4.50 - (Priceline)

- Only recently started doing my brows a bit and this was really easy to use
- Great colours - I love how its two toned, I blend them to lessen the harshness of my brows
- Bad packaging, but so cheap so I can't complain

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 57 Bronze - $17.63 (ASOS)

- PERFECT COLOUR MATCH. Not too orangey or pink, like other dark foundations
- Smells amazing! So fruity and fresh smelling
- Pump application, big tick!

Bondi Sands Everyday SPF 15+ Gradual Tanning Milk with Cocoa Butter Scent - $17.99 - (Priceline)

- Can't go wrong with Bondi Sands, a beautiful natural looking brown colour (NOT orange)
- Smells delicious! Doesn't go streaky
- Very smooth and makes my skin feel so soft

Elf Studio Kabuki Face Brush - $12 - (Kmart)

- SUPER SOFT! Really gentle on the face and doesn't eat up product
- Large and fluffy - great for setting your face with powder or blending your face to make it flawless
- From Kmart - so cheap and such good quality, doesn't shed or isn't rough on your face

Elf Studi Mineral Infused Face Primer - $12 (Kmart)

- Comparable to Smashbox Photo Ready Primer
- Gel Silicony texture - clear and very very very soft and smooth
- Softens the appearance of your face, reduces fine lines and pores and minimises oils and flakeyness!

Elf Essential Zit Zapper - $3 (Kmart)

- I don't really have many spots / blemishes
- But I've used this a couple of times + read a lot of reviews and people say it works!
- Only $3, I thought I'd give it a try :)

Eyes Face Lips Nails Liquid Foundation in Tan - $8 (Kmart)

- I can't find a link for this, but its this new range in Kmart that looks cute and decent
- Full coverage and is actually a great colour match! I didn't even get to test it because there were no testers
- Good dark colour, more grey toned brown - weird I know - but thats what I like because I hate orangey and pinky foundations

Hope you found this all useful! I love all of these and have been 100% honest :)

Love always,

- b xx