Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Make Up Storage!

Make Up Storage! 

Recently, I put together a whole new make up desk / storage in my bedroom. Ridiculously happy with how it turned out and very proud it hasn't fallen apart yet since I built it. It was pretty easy to assemble (thank you ikea + my sister) and looks super cute! Have a browse through my drawers below xx

Overall Look: This is what the little make up section looks like all together, very simple, pretty and white.

Total: $147.49 for something I assembled on my own, pretty happy! 

Brush Holders: On the left corner of my desk, I have 3 pretty white ikea containers ($2.99 each) which are actually candle holders, that hold all of my brushes. From left to right, I have all my eye and smaller brushes, then medium / misc brushes that I don't use as much, and then all of the larger face brushes. 

In the centre, I have a little kikki k teacup (christmas gift) that holds all of my most used everyday products for easy reach. I keep my mascara, lash curler, brow powder + gel, powder brush and some handy scissors. 

Mirror: I got my basic mirror from ikea ($5.99) ((of course)), it's a regular mirror with a magnified side. I also have a cute little cactus and candle from ikea again, they're just for decoration and help make everything look +10 points cuter! 

Drawer 1: Eye(ish) drawer!

One of my favourite drawers, all of my mascaras! Bunch of different mascaras both drug store and high end, and just a few backups of my HG colossal. Also all my pots of gel liners and eyeshadow bases, eye pencil sorta things, highlighters, pressed powders and of course my bronzers! 

The acrylic separator is from ikea, the pink one is from daiso and the ones at the back are also from ikea. 

Drawer 2: Face drawer! 

All of my foundations, including my favourite Nude Maguiques! My face + eye primers on the right and all of my concealers on the left, also a few random bits floating around. 

Acrylic separator from ikea, cream container from daiso :)

Drawer 3: LIP DRAWER! 

Hands down my favourite, all of my lipsticks and lip products! Lipsticks are organised mainly by brand, from right to left: Sportsgirl, MAC, Limecrime, Topshop, Rimmel, random singles, Essence, Napoleon, Maybelline etc.
On the left I have a container full of liquid lipsticks, lip stains, my Limecrime Velvetines, Rimmel Provocalips, NYX soft mattes and some liners!
At the back, I have mainly LA Girl lip glazes and some Too Faced Melteds. 

Lipstick individual storage from ebay, other 2 acrylic containers from ikea. 

Drawer 4: Skincare + Lashes Drawer! 

Very random and a bit messy drawer: Got some makeup wipes from swisspers, little mini benefit skincare on the left, makeup remover, cotton pads + tips, makeup setting spray, brush cleaner, falsies, business cards+ micellar water

3 pink and white makeup holders from daiso

Drawer 5: Palette Drawer! 

Last one! Looove this drawer! I have all my palettes nestled at the bottom :) So far I have: 
  • Lorac Pro 
  • Urban Decay Vice 2 
  • Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things 
  • Too Faced Everything Nice 
  • Benefit How To Look Good At Everything 
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 
  • Urban Decay Naked 3 
  • Australis AC ON TOUR Contour Kit

This is my bedroom! My favourite little corner of the world.

Hope you guys liked this, I had a lot of fun making the whole thing and editing photos and I am so happy with how it fits in my room. Let me know what you think! 

Love always, 

- b xx