Monday, 16 December 2013

First Post - Favourite Brushes!

My Top 8 Favourite Brushes

1. sigma F80 flat kabuki
2. sigma E25 blending 
3. nude powder brush
4. revlon blush brush
5. style master round kabuki fluff
6. sigma E55 shading 
7. sigma F86 tapered kabuki
8. sigma E40 tapered blending

A super soft brush by sigma which is perfect for applying liquid foundation / tinted moisturiser / bb or cc creams etc to flat areas of the face! I love the coverage of this brush, it spreads product really evenly and streak-free and really works it into the skin. Such great quality, and sigma has a life time guaranteed warranty :) Highly recommend this! 

2. Sigma E25 blending - $12 

I love using this to blend out eyeshadows into the crease and even up to the brow, it creates a very gentle, soft and smooth transition, especially with dark eye shadows which i tend to use most of! It's super soft and i also use this to apply a non-shimmer bronzer to contour my nose area, it ensures a subtle and natural look! 

3. Nude by nature mineral powder brush - $14.95

One of the softest synthetic brushes I've come across, and its animal cruelty free! I use this to apply a second layer of mineral foundation (after ive done my eye shadow so incase any of it goes onto my face i clean it up and re apply using this brush) It really blends the loose powder giving an airbrushed flawless look! It's so soft and is so nice to use on your face. It can also be used to apply translucent setting powder after all your makeup is finished! It can be bought at target / priceline / chemist warehouse and heaps of other places that sell nude products 

4. Revlon blush brush - approx $13.99

I received this as a gift a few years ago so i am unsure of the price, but a very similar one still by revlon is available still at priceline for $13.99! I dont really use blush because my skin colour is slightly too dark for blush in my opinion, so i actually use this brush for bronzer instead! The long handle and relatively small head make it easy to contour bronzer under the cheekbone, temples and jaw line (I use the sportsgirl bronzer which is about $14) It isnt as soft as sigma/nude but is alright and does the job pretty well! I like holding it close to the end and doing quick sweeping motions under the cheekbone to make my face look thinner :) 

5. Style master round kabuki - approx $2.08

I got this really great buy off ebay, it was a pack of 8 brushes that seemed to be a copy of the sigma range and it was only $16.61 for the 8 of them so i decided why not try. I'm really happy with them! They are very similar to the sigma ones, theyre just as soft, look pretty much identical but are just slightly less dense in the bristles, but still $2.08 is better than $18! I use this for buffing mineral loose powder foundation all over my face and it blends really well and makes the foundation feel really solid and secure. So glad I bought this pack! 

Great overall shader for applying eyeshadow, its wide shape can add colour to the whole lid as a strong and even base (then later be blended out using the E25) and because its also so thin it can be used to darken the crease. I  usually focus application on the outer corner to contour the eye shadow, as it makes it darker and gives depth to the eye. It is really soft (I love soft brushes) and applies product so well, really happy with this! 

7. Sigma F86 tapered kabuki - $18

If you ever find it hard applying liquid products to the nose / eye area, this brush works amazingly to blend product into the skin in the harder to reach areas such as around the nose and under the eyes! I use it for both blending concealer under my eyes to minimise eye bags and also down the bridge and sides of my nose, it blends so seamlessly. Again, the brush is so soft and is really gentle on the skin, i definitely recommend this as a must have :) 

8. Sigma E40 tapered blending - $14

A similar brush to the E25 but a bit bigger and a bit fluffier! It is super soft and because its so fluffy it blends eyeshadows really really well, by using long sweeping strokes back and forth through the crease it gives such a soft and blended finish. I bought 2 of these (also a white one) after the E25 so i could use this for darker colours since its black and the white for lighter colours, just to make it easier changing between colours. Blending brushes are so good and sigma makes great ones, definitely recommend these! 

So heres my first review of my favourite brushes, hope you guys find it helpful! 

Love always, 

- b xx