Monday, 23 December 2013

Ebay Brush Haul!

Ebay Brush Haul!

ebay brush haul - $34

I was looking at buying one of the sigma complete brush sets, but i came across some different sellers on ebay selling huge sets of brushes for so much cheaper. Sigma is selling its 12 piece brush set for around $150, and of course its heaps better quality, but i found this 32 piece set on ebay for $34 and thought id just try it out since it was so cheap. Postage took a little while, cant complain though, but it came with 32 "bobbi brown" (yeah right, i know they arent genuine) brushes as described and theyre pretty soft but not too sturdy. A lot of them are very similar but hopefully i can find some use for them. They came in a nice brush roll which is pretty handy, they look great and were a good buy. 

Love always, 

- b xx